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Our endeavor…

In today’s modern world the landscape is completely changing when it comes to digital media. There’s a new demand for products and services that are essential for progress in today’s business society. There is a whole new emerging culture that is ever shifting and taking on new identities and new roles.

We have a high-passion for pre & post launched products and services, contributing our expertise while watching our collective efforts soar. We enjoy adding our small slice of innovation to the world platform.

Our goal is to work with and build the right types of brands that matter, and, are appropriate for today and tomorrows known, and unknown markets. One of the definitions of ‘brand’ is: “a particular kind or type of something.” It’s “that type of something” that we venture to fashion, and to set in motion.


Our Brands

A Few


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Curb The Food Truck Documentary

Curb, is a documentary surrounding Bay Area food trucks. It will be following the day to day lives of 5 Bay Area food trucks, their patrons, the chefs, workers, and the owners. It will be focusing on the tensions between restauranteurs and food truck owners, as well as commentary on food fads, their successes, failures, sanitation, how they are profitable, and the pluses and minuses incurred in having a business on wheels. Much of the documentary’s plot will be revealed during production, as the crew begins to follow the chosen trucks. This will not be a staged documentary


The Structure Film

This feature-length documentary is a deep-dive featuring many affluent figures in the Northern California music community. This film is about the impact of what Northern California musicians have had in the music industry on a local, domestic and international level. It will also essentially capture the many process’s of what it takes to gain notoriety, make an album and distribute material in a highly competitive and music influential scene.

The Old School looks back on where they come from and the New School looks forward to what’s coming next. With exclusive access to archival footage, underground performances, in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes action, this new take on a vibrant community with its own flavor will turn heads. It’s a shout-out to old heads and a heads-up for a whole new audience.

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Dope Dj’s

Dope Dj’s is a massive aggragate project to inventory the worlds Dj’s. We will log every single Dj we possibly can into one directory.

A Few




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